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Resources to Uncover your Unique Voice.

Enjoy these resources designed to help you uncover your unique voice.

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Thru the Book Podcast -
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Discover the wonder of a life with God you can’t contain.The pages of scripture are full of ordinary people who walked with God as he poured himself out through them to a world in need. What if God never changed? What if he is still speaking to us and longing to work miraculously through us? What if it isn’t a matter of more training or effort but simply receiving and releasing everything he already purchased?“Life in the Overflow” invites you to know God intimately as your Daddy in a way that spills out of you naturally. Filled with disarming honesty and fervent expectation, this book mirrors a reflection of who you are, who your God is and what he actually longs to do through “ordinary, messy kids” today!

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Shame and Entitlement are two opposite sides of the same coin. Shame says, “because of what I have done, I deserve pain or punishment." Entitlement says, “because of what I have become, I deserve perks and privileges.” Both are the illegitimate inheritance of an orphan spirit and will leave our souls unsatisfied. Praise God, there’s a better way! En(d)titlement is a passionate call to step out from cancel culture, virtue signaling, and first world problems, and to experience a life beyond anything we could ever hope to deserve!

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