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3 Gifts Jesus is Giving YOU this Christmas!

As we approach Christmas, there has been much written about the three gifts the wise men brought to Jesus (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, each holding deeper prophetic meaning than they could’ve realized). But did you know, there is another list of 3 gifts shared in the Christmas Story, given by Jesus to us? Luke writes:

“I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” Luke 2:10

The Gift of Good News

We have a ‘bad news’ problem. It seems every screen we open greets us with a scrolling feed of heartbreak on an international, regional, and local level. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got more than your share of personal bad news. Just this week, we got a leak in our roof, our dishwasher died, and a routine home repair came back at 10 times the cost we’d hoped. We ache for our foster son, who seems to be spiraling under the weight of heartbreak he never asked for. We have dear friends fighting ongoing medical battles that remain a mystery. My last surviving grandparent just passed, leaving both personal sorrow and the gravity of its weight on my extended family.

At our church, we begin every leadership meeting with ‘celebrations,’ because problems have no problem finding us. We desperately need GOOD NEWS. Here, a gift from a manger is offered, quietly, but profoundly if we have eyes to see.

Yes, the world is broken. But Good News: the Divine Architect is on the scene making all things new.

Yes, there are many places we act out of soul sickness and even homesickness for Eden. But Good News: the Great Physician has stepped into the room.

Yes, in the world we will have troubles, but we are those who ‘Fear not.’ Good News: We are being held by the One who overcame the world. The message of Christmas is that:

God has been good to you.

God is being good to you.

God is Goodness itself and can be no other.

Wherever you are, receive the GOSPEL anew and preach it to yourself over and over.

The Gift of Great Joy

“Joy” means “to rejoice, beam with gladness, thrive!” The word “great” is our word, “mega” and describes something overflowing in stature, substance, and excellence. It is your child’s cup that spills all over the floor, because they poured more liquid than the vessel could hold.

Of ALL the gifts Jesus could’ve brought that first Christmas, He came to make every fiber of our beings so saturated in His JOY, we cannot keep it to ourselves. If you’ve looked around, you’d agree that the problem facing modern Christianity isn’t that we’re so happy, everyone thinks we’re drunk as they did the early church. But that’s the offer before us.

Following Jesus isn’t merely hushed library whispers of stained glass reverence. There is that, yes. He is GOD and there are moments when we encounter His holiness and, like Moses, are drawn to take off our shoes in awe of His majesty.

But, Jesus also came to restore singing, and shouting, and dancing, and laughing out loud,…and LIVING! I’ve gotta ask: Are you THRIVING, giddy with wonder, or most days do you feel like you’re just surviving? There isn’t condemnation at the foot of the Cross. Only invitation to cast aside your grave clothes and join the party of the deluge of His delight pouring out all around you!

The Gift for All People

“All" means you. I don’t know where you’re struggling, but I rejoice in this: the Cross of Christ is big enough for you…and He is the only One who will ever satisfy the longing and loneliness of your heart. Jesus knows you completely and offers Good News of Great Joy…for YOU. Stop fighting to try to earn your keep, and just receive Him.

By the way, “all” also means “them”…whoever “they” may be to you. “All” means our enemies, those who annoy us, and those who’ve hurt us. Lately, I’ve been asking Jesus to change the way I pray for those with whom I disagree from “I love you, but…” to “I love you, and…”:

From “I love you, but…”

“…what you’re doing is hurting me, our country, or someone I love. Therefore, I am justified to respond with ‘fill-in-the-blank…”

To “I love you, and…”

“…I trust GOD to be Protector, Provider, Refiner, Healer, Judge, and Savior, over the wages of your shortcomings and mine. I love you…and I trust Him enough to pray for both of us to receive all of His joy!”

Right now, Jesus is extending three gifts from a manger:

Good News.

Great Joy.

For All People.

Where’s it time to be a kid on Christmas morning?

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This would be a Great Christmas Message!

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